NAC French Theatre

En famille

Francophone Family programming Theatre Children

This season, a crowd of imaginations in full flight will take over the space and paint it in a thousand colours. A gigantic lantern/stage, a set in the shape of a gourmet cake, little travelling islands, a space for play and art … a whole world appears every time you come to the theatre. 

Make yourself comfortable, and bring your family and friends along: theatre is a big, beautiful, limitless dream! 

Upcoming events

  1. A playful, free-wheeling ball for dancers and objects: wheelchairs become amazing vehicles with infinite play possibilities, while the bodies of the performers, with … read more

  2. Inside a fantastic lantern/stage illuminated by spellbinding video projections, watch an incandescent performance by Japanese-born multi-instrumentalist, singer and … read more

  3. A show for all audiences, the timeless story of a whirlwind friendship between two young girls. Delicate and surprising theatre that touches our five senses thanks … read more

  4. Now boarding for a nocturnal excursion to an island that might as well be at the end of the world! Accompanied by four magnificent live performers (poetry, video, … read more

  5. A trio of girls with a rock-singer vibe cobble together a whole show, a little sensory theatre, using adhesive tape, household objects, sound machines and a whole … read more

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