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Mani Soleymanlou Artistic Director

©Caroline Robert and Vincent Morisset - Studio AATOAA

2023-2024 Season

Diving inward

The 2023–2024 season is filled with offerings that highlight our capacity to tackle life’s most difficult challenges and welcome its most wonderful gifts. Come and face and, above all, dream the world with us. A new season that seeks to remind us of our titanic power: confirming our ability to overcome the insurmountable and affirming our insatiable need and unquenchable thirst for beauty. 

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  • Artistic Director, French Theatre Mani Soleymanlou
  • photo-melanie-2015
    associate artistic director, French Theatre Mélanie Dumont


  • Grand-public

    Grand public 

    Reality hasn’t yet taken dreams hostage. Come and face—and above all, dream—the world with us. 

  • Enfance-jeuness

    En famille

    A crowd of imaginations in full flight will take over the space and paint it in a thousand colours. Theatre is a big, beautiful, limitless dream! 

  • Ado

    Offre ado 

    Five fantastic shows for adults and teenagers. 14- to 18-year-olds: Come leave your mark! 

  • Aatoaa-content-card

    Studio AATOAA, creator of the season visual

    Caroline Robert and Vincent Morisset, of the studio AATOAA, are the creators of the season visual.  

  • Project-speciaux Special projects

    The Collective, The Residency, The Labs

    Three projects that reach out to artists, audiences and a new generation. Featuring: Le collectif, La résidence, along with the return of Les laboratoires.

  • Ersatz-main-content-card An off-the-road experience


    Creative projects, videos, multiple resources and learning tools—that’s just a taste of what’s on offer for you to explore anytime, in the classroom or even in your living room

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NAC French Theatre’s Cahiers

Dive into our revamped version of NAC French Theatre’s Cahiers! Discover texts that delve into our season’s theatrical productions and explore what makes each of them distinct and extraordinary. All whims are allowed, if not encouraged – bifurcate, jump ahead a section, or flip back to a part you skipped! You can also get a printed copy of Cahiers in the lobby at every NAC French Theatre performance.