2023-2024 Season

  Season trailer

Daniela Jezerinac © Marie-Noële Pilon

Here, culture comes alive! 

Culture can be found in every inch of our halls. It’s present in our architecture, in our audiences and in the countless performances we host each season. And when we come together as an audience to appreciate and celebrate it, that’s when culture truly comes alive. 

Packages & Series

Artistic direction

  • dscf9130-curtis-perry-2-cropped
    Music Director, NAC Orchestra Alexander Shelley
  • nina-web
    Artistic Director, English Theatre Nina Lee Aquino
  • Artistic Director, Indigenous Theatre Kevin Loring
  • Artistic Director, French Theatre Mani Soleymanlou
  • Executive Producer, NAC Dance Caroline Ohrt
  • Executive Producer, Popular Music and Variety Heather Gibson

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