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Dance Ballet with Orchestra Contemporary

THE POINT BEING © Rahi Rezvani

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Create a custom-made dance experience! From new creations to classics, from artists making their NAC debuts to esteemed creators from around the globe, the 23-24 season will quench your thirst for adventure, curiosity and boldness. Choose 3 shows or more and save 15%.  

  1. When the enchanted nutcracker mysteriously comes to life during the night, the stage is set for a tale filled with charm, nostalgia and magic. A hockey game on a … read more

  2. In this extraordinary work, 12 dancers coexist in a three-act choreography, each part a work in itself featuring musical collaborators Chilly Gonzales, … read more

  3. The National Ballet of Canada presents a double bill featuring women choreographers: Helen Pickett’s psychological exploration of the central character … read more

  4. Based on a deeply personal interpretation, this honest and dynamic new work is in constant evolution, and testifies to the exceptional synergy that developed between … read more

  5. Inspired by Sami spiritual practices, demonstrations, and group dance, this piece is performed by seven female dancers with very different histories, each of whom … read more

  6. Led by artistic director Emily Molnar, NDT is committed to being an artistic conduit that allows us to see the world differently—a mission reflected in this … read more

  7. Korean choreographer Jeon Misook investigates the relationship between the bower and the person being bowed to, and how this tradition differs from one meeting … read more

  8. A modern take on the story of Snow White, replete with all well-known characters — the  miners, the wicked stepmother, the witch, and of course the prince … read more

  9. Under the artistic direction of choreographer Margie Gillis, the dancers come together to present two ensemble works where the audience witnesses the intimate … read more

  10. A stunning performance infused with pain, rebellion and hope bringing together a group of 12 dancers performing jagged, even broken movements. A powerful show that … read more

  11. A pulsating beat of humanity in our social symphony perpetually under construction, this new work unfurls a storm of bodies, sound compositions and immersive visual … read more

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