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Indigenous Theatre

Indigenous arts Theatre
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Join us as we celebrate Indigenous leaders, artists, and storytellers—sharing stories, histories, and perspectives.

Awe-inspiring performances at the best prices. Experience the whole season, or choose your favourites and save 15%!

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  1. In-person

    Santee Smith's award-winning multimedia performance, Homelands, celebrates Indigenous women's timeless connection to land and water on Turtle Island. 

  2. In-person
    Un interprète autochtone posé de profil qui porte un masque Gitxsan de corbeau. © Dancers of Damelahamid, Raven Mother

    Raven Mother is the Dancers of Damelahamid’s most ambitious production and will be the culmination of generations of artistic and cultural work. 

  3. In-person

    Bear Grease - "Shack Up for the Winter" Holiday Special brings laughter, spirit, and festive vibes with Indigenized musical theatre. 

  4. In-person

    Qaumma Qaumma Qaumma

    Created by Vinnie Karetak and Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory

    In Qaumma, amid social fragmentation, Inuit women preserve culture through language, guts, and familial warmth. 

  5. In-person

    The Secret to Good Tea navigates family resilience post-residential schools, blending English and Cree in a beautiful journey of rediscovery.

  6. In-person
    Une femme portant une robe orange avec des franges danse sur une scène.

    Step into 1740 Quebec with Marguerite: le feu, a groundbreaking French-language performance igniting justice and memory. 

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