Montreal-based theatre company Orange Noyée and the NAC French Theatre join forces to present Prologue(s), an artistic project conceived by Mani Soleymanlou.

After months of downtime, we felt the need to reach out and renew our connection with you, our much-missed audience. A connection that, although distant, would be vital and tangible.

Prologue(s) is a series of eight theatrical sketches performed outdoors in front of a small volunteer audience. It features nine of French Theatre’s most beloved artists performing original works.

Coming soon to a screen near you: Jean Marc Dalpé, Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard, Charlotte L’Orage, Julien Morissette, Blaise Ndala, Karina Pawlikowski, Louis-Philippe Roy, Catherine Voyer-Léger and Caroline Yergeau.

Their performances were delivered and filmed in front of a small audience (at a safe distance) at various venues in Ottawa and Gatineau during the fall of 2020.

Now it’s your turn to witness these unique encounters between artists and spectators.

Conception: Orange Noyée
Artistic Direction: Mani Soleymanlou
Direction: Jonathan Brisebois
With: Jean Marc Dalpé, Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard, Charlotte L’Orage, Julien Morissette, Blaise Ndala, Karina Pawlikowski, Louis-Philippe Roy, Catherine Voyer-Léger, Caroline Yergeau
Sound Design: Larsen Lupin
Sound and video: David Francke-Robitaille
Production: Xavier Inchauspé, Stéphanie Laurin
A coproduction of Orange Noyée and NAC French Theatre
With Casadel Films
This project has been developped with the support of Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts du Canada, Conseil des arts de Montréal

A first instalment of this project was presented at the OFFTA festival in spring 2020. Watch videos of the first eight performances, which were filmed in Montreal. 

Featured artists

  • Artistic Director, French Theatre Mani Soleymanlou