Ottawa’s artistic haven: The Studio experience

A man with raised hands with palms facing outward. The words No and Yes are tattooed on his fingers. He has shaggy hair, thick black rimmed glasses and a salt-and-pepper beard.
Kevin Drew
Audience members hold up cards while a single performer stands on stage holding a microphone.
House of PainT OG500 Poetry Slam Competition in the Azrieli Studio © Curtis Perry
People in the audience raise their fists in response to a guitar player standing on stage with their fist raised.
Francisco, el Hombre in the Azrieli Studio, July 2022 © Pat Bolduc

Imagine a space where creativity knows no bounds, where artistic expression flows freely, and innovation thrives. Welcome to the intimate Azrieli Studio at the National Arts Centre, where unforgettable moments in theatre, music, and dance happen, drawing you closer to the action. 

Step into this hidden corner of Ottawa’s downtown and be immersed in our artistic universe where you feel connected in the experience. Let us draw you in to some exceptional events for the stage in our close and cozy studio setting that serves as incubator for some of the most captivating artists in our season.  

Here, artists share their stories through music, audiences and performers come together to laugh out loud, and creators make space for play. These experiences are the heartbeat of our theatre spaces, and a place where true aficionados and risk-takers congregate to witness something truly extraordinary. With so many exclusive moments on offer, we want to highlight your next opportunity to be inspired by our artistic hub that will challenge and transcend you into the closeness of the action. 

What’s next in the Studio

Tigran Hamasyan
Pianist Tigran Hamasyan fuses powerful jazz improvisations with the rich folk music of his native Armenia. Over the course of his career, he has received numerous awards, emerging as one of the most talented jazz-rock pianists of his generation. March 20, 2024

Kevin Drew
Kevin Drew, co-founder of the alternative rock collective Broken Social Scene, brings to our studio his third solo album, Aging. This musical endeavor is profoundly influenced by the ebb and flow of life, including the passing of friends and mentors, as well as the declining health of loved ones. Drew's compositions navigate the blunt-force impact of loss and the transformative journey of self-discovery, asking listeners what it truly means to evolve and experience change both internally and externally. March 21, 2024  

Michelle ThrushInner Elder
Michelle Thrush weaves the seemingly disparate anecdotes from her life into powerful and hilarious testimony that that will open your eyes, sear your heart, and have you laughing out loud. April 11-13, 2024

Carn Davidson 9 (CD9)
Formed in 2010 as a collaborative project between trombonist William Carn and saxophonist Tara Davidson, Carn Davidson is a nine-piece chord-less ensemble that utilizes its seven horns as melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic devices, anchored by bass and drums. All three of CD9’s recordings have garnered JUNO nominations for Jazz Album of the Year. April 19, 2024

Amanda Martinez
A Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Amanda Martinez crafts music that seamlessly blends of influences from her Mexican and South African roots, resulting in a uniquely original sound. Gathering critical acclaim her music has soared to the number one spot on the iTunes World Music Charts. Having sold out venues such as Toronto’s Koerner Hall on multiple occasions, as well as Winter Garden Theatre and our very own NAC, Amanda attributes her love for music to the influence of her parents. April 27, 2024

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