Ottawa: Fall On Your Knees - Part One

Family Tree

2023-03-10 19:00 2023-03-24 22:30 60 Canada/Eastern 🎟 NAC: Ottawa: Fall On Your Knees - Part One

In-person event

A National Arts Centre, Vita Brevis Arts, Canadian Stage, Neptune Theatre, Grand Theatre production. The story of Fall On Your Knees begins at the end, with the words of Lily Piper. “They’re all dead now.” But before that there was love. There was a family. There was music and laughter and desire. And there was danger… Based on the iconic novel by the award-winning Ann-Marie MacDonald, Fall On Your Knees is a sweeping, multigenerational saga set in...

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Babs Asper Theatre,1 Elgin Street,Ottawa,Canada
March 10 - 24, 2023

≈ 3 hours · With intermission

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Director's Note

Like so many readers, I remember where I was when I read Fall On Your Knees because I remember the effect the novel had on me. As a young, queer, gender non-conforming person, born and raised on the East Coast into a family whose tree included immigrants, settlers, secrets, and surprises, I was moved and inspired by the novel; I felt seen by the story and stirred by the hope that lay in the characters’ reckoning with truth – however searing. 

As a theatre maker, I was struck by what I recognized as an inherently theatrical engine driving the novel; I could see, hear and feel the worlds that MacDonald created. I was inspired to explore a theatrical adaptation because I knew that this voice, which continued to speak and sing in my imagination long after I set the book down, would speak and sing as powerfully to an audience. I’m grateful that Ann-Marie (who is, full disclosure, my wife) allowed me to try. 

I have had the good fortune to assemble a remarkable team of collaborators. Over the past ten years my company, Vita Brevis Arts, with the support of many incredible theatre companies and artistic leaders, has shepherded the project through a development process designed to listen to the voice of the novel; to explore the material and discover the style of the piece. My first partner in this endeavour was the brilliant Hannah Moscovitch, who had not only the talent and vision but also the courage and stamina to take it on. 

The shared dream of our collaborators was to bring to the stage the dynamic of the novel; its sweep of love and ambition; its page-turning suspense; the deep relationships that readers develop with characters who are flawed, gifted and often wounded. All this, along with the sheer delight of a story animated by music and passion. 

When it came out, Fall On Your Knees was immediately remarkable for the lesbian love story at its heart but as time has gone on, the long overdue reckoning with racism in our society has rendered other veins in the novel more urgent than ever. In the twenty-five years since I first read it, my children have grown up, my parents have passed away, and both my perspective and our world have shifted. In light of the increasing vulnerability of so many of our communities, the larger embrace of the novel’s story of family, both chosen and biological, is all the more poignant and powerful.  

Fall on Your Knees is above all a story of passion – for life, for love, for truth and ultimately for redemption. I am beyond grateful to the many, many collaborators who shaped this piece over the years and above all for the cast and company of this premiere production. Their love for and care of the story and its characters are a source of profound inspiration. I hope that you are inspired by their artistry, and I thank you for being here with us today. 

Special Thanks


The National Arts Centre Foundation wishes to extend its heartfelt thanks to two of Canada’s greatest theatre champions: NAC Foundation board member Margaret Fountain, C.M., D.F.A. (hc), D.H.L.(hc) and her husband David Fountain, C.M. of Halifax. Their generous leadership support has helped to bring this acclaimed Canadian story to stages across the country.


The National Creation Fund’s investment of $200,000 supported a new approach to translating the novel from page to stage, with significant time dedicated to exploring non-literal, theatrical ways to capture and embody the power of the story.  The Fund’s support also made the final two development workshops possible. 

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

Thank you to the many artists whose talents and generosity shaped this stage adaptation. It cannot be said enough that works of theatre are shaped by many hands and hearts and Canadian theatre practitioners are among the very best in the world for creating new work. This list is an attempt to shine light on those artists but there are many more who worked behind the scenes or who are not included here by oversight. Please accept our thanks.  

Trish Lindstrom, Alice Snaden, Fiona Byrne, Ryan Allen, Sabryn Rock, Lucinda Davis, David Storch, Krystin Pellerin, Daren A. Herbert, Jacoba Barber-Rozema, Adrianne Pieczonka , Lesley Barber, Sam Khalilieh, Dalal Badr, Marcus Nance, Tony Nappo, Yanna MacIntosh, Evan Buliung, Paul Sportelli, Marla McLean, Graeme Somerville, Kawa Ada, Diana Donnelly, Alana Hibbert, Kate Hennig, Joanna Falck, Antoine Bedard, Kate Smith, Peter Haworth, Anna Hardwick, Will Lafrance, Damien Broomes, Aurel Pressat, Lauren Barnett, Luciano Decicco, Karli Feldman, Nathan Simmons, Jeff Newberry, Vanessa Sears, Sabrina Weinstein, Melanie Phillipson, Robin Evan Willis, Gloria Mok, Evalyn Parry. 

Special thanks to Jeanine Tesori and Reza Jacobs whose musical expertise and generosity of spirit was invaluable to our journey.  

Thank you to Mel Hague, Patricia Cerra, Kimberley Rampersad, Jillian Keilley, Maggie Fairs, Cassandra Nicolau and Alanna Palmer for insight, guidance and care.  

Special appreciation to Cherissa Richards, Michael Hart, Doug Price, Sarah Miller and Ciaran Brenneman for the long days of generosity and joy in the rehearsal room.  

Thank you to the many producers, administrators, and artistic directors whose support over the years made this project possible including Linda Intaschi, Brian Sewell and David Mirvish of Mirvish Entertainment, Jackie Maxwell and the Shaw Festival, Daryl Cloran at The Citadel Theatre, Jim Nichols at New York Theatre Workshop, Anita Gaffney, Andy Lunney, Monika Seiler, Nina Lee Aquino and the team at the NAC, Heather Moore, Chris Dearlove and Sarah Garton Stanley at the National Creation Fund. Thank you to Elaine Calder, Patricia Cerra and Paul of VBA. Above all thank you to David Abel, Paul Beauchamp and Elissa Horscroft. Your faith, commitment, ingenuity and compassion are indescribably powerful. Our weekly meetings over the past five years were a lifeline.  

Alisa Palmer 

World Premiere

A National Arts Centre, Vita Brevis Arts, Canadian Stage, Neptune Theatre, Grand Theatre Production 


World Premiere Adaptation for the stage by Alisa Palmer and Hannah Moscovitch 
Co-Created and Written by Hannah Moscovitch 
Co-Created and Directed by Alisa Palmer 
Production Dramaturgy by Mel Hague
Based on the Novel by Ann-Marie MacDonald 

Part 1: Family Tree 
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 
Early 1900s to 1960s 
Approximately 3 hours with 1 intermission 

Part 2: The Diary 
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and New York City, New York 
Early 1920s to 1967 
Approximately 3 hours with 2 intermissions 

Please note this performance contains: 
partial nudity, graphic violence, sexual content, sexual violence, strong language,  
e-cigarette performance, smoke and haze. 
Trigger Warning: parental abuse, incest, childhood sexual abuse 

Lead Donors: Margaret Fountain, C.M., D.F.A.(h.c.), D.H.L.(h.c.) and David Fountain, C.M. 
Developed with support from the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund.    
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. 
Produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council. 


  • alisa-palmer-maxime-cote-web
    Director / Adaptor / Co-Creator Alisa Palmer
  • Writer / Adaptor / Co-Creator Hannah Moscovitch
  • ann-marie-macdonald-credit-lora-macdonald-palmer
    Author Ann-Marie MacDonald
  • seanmayes
    Music Supervisor & Composer Sean Mayes
  • cherissa-richards
    Associate Director Cherissa Richards
  • natasha-powell-by-kendra-epik
    Choreographer Natasha Powell
  • hollywood-jade-headshot
    Associate Choreographer Hollywood Jade
  • Associate Choreographer Tereka Tyler-Davis
  • Set Designer Camellia Koo
  • judith-bowden
    Costume Designer Judith Bowden
  • Associate Costume Designer Joyce Padua
  • ann-leigh-vardy-nts
    Lighting Designer Leigh Ann Vardy
  • Sound Designer Brian Kenny
  • Associate Music Supervisor Douglas Price
  • anita
    Fight & Sexual Choreography Anita Nittoly
  • jane-gooderham
    Dialect Coach Jane Gooderham
  • yousef-kadoura-352x440
    Dialect & Disability Consultant Yousef Kadoura
  • michael-hart
    Stage Manager Michael Hart
  • Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Miller
  • Apprentice Stage Manager (Halifax, Ottawa, London) Virg Iredale
  • ciaran-brenneman
    Apprentice Stage Manager (Rehearsal and Toronto) Ciaran Brenneman
  • James Piper / Ensemble Tim Campbell
  • Adelaide Taylor / Sweet Jessie Hogan / Ensemble Janelle Cooper
  • Sister St. Monica / Giles MacVicar / Mrs. Luvovitz / Ensemble Diane Flacks
  • eva-foote
    Lily Piper / Ensemble Eva Foote
  • Frances Piper / Ensemble Deborah Hay
  • samantha-hill
    Kathleen Piper / Ensemble Samantha Hill
  • drew-moore
    Ralph Luvovitz / David / Ensemble Drew Moore
  • Leo “Ginger” Taylor / Impresario / Ensemble Tony Ofori
  • Materia Piper / Charity Woman / Ensemble Cara Rebecca
  • maryem-tollar
    Mrs. Mahmoud / Musician Maryem Tollar
  • amaka-umeh
    Rose Lacroix / Doc Rose / Ensemble Amaka Umeh
  • dakota-jamal-wellman-headshot
    Wellman Anthony / Ambrose / Ensemble Dakota Jamal Wellman
  • Mercedes Piper / Jeanne Lacroix / Ensemble Jenny L Wright
  • antoine-yared
    Mr. Mahmoud / Tommy Jameel / Maestro / Ensemble Antoine Yared
  • kira-chisholm
    Rehearsal Swing Kira Chisholm
  • Rehearsal Swing Naomi Ngebulana
  • Conductor, Piano, Accordion Douglas Price
  • Violin, Accordion Anna Atkinson
  • spencer-murray
    Flutes, Reeds, Pipes Spencer Murray
  • maryem-tollar
    Vocals, Qanun, Oud, Percussion Maryem Tollar



Director / Adaptor / Co-Creator
Alisa Palmer 

Writer / Adaptor / Co-Creator 
Hannah Moscovitch 

Ann-Marie MacDonald 

Mel Hague  

Music Supervisor & Composer
Sean Mayes 


Piper / Ensemble
Tim Campbell James

Adelaide Taylor / Sweet Jessie Hogan / Ensemble
Janelle Cooper

Sister St. Monica / Giles MacVicar / Mrs. Luvovitz / Ensemble 
Diane Flacks 

Lily Piper / Ensemble
Eva Foote

Frances Piper / Ensemble
Deborah Hay

Kathleen Piper / Ensemble 
Samantha Hill 

Ralph Luvovitz / David / Ensemble
Drew Moore 

Leo “Ginger” Taylor / Impresario / Ensemble
Tony Ofori

Materia Piper / Charity Woman / Ensemble
Cara Rebecca

Mrs. Mahmoud / Musician

Rose Lacroix / Doc Rose / Ensemble
Amaka Umeh

Anthony / Ambrose / Ensemble
Dakota Jamal Wellman

Mercedes Piper / Jeanne Lacroix / Ensemble
Jenny L. Wright 

Mr. Mahmoud / Tommy Jameel / Maestro / Ensemble
Antoine Yared

Rehearsal Swing
Kira Chisholm 

Rehearsal Swing
Naomi Ngebulana 


Conductor, Piano, Accordion
Douglas Price 

Violin, Accordion
Anna Atkinson

Flutes, Reeds, Pipes
Spencer Murray 

Vocals, Qanun, Oud, Percussion
Maryem Tollar 


Associate Director
Cherissa Richards 

Natasha Powell 

Associate Choreographer
Hollywood Jade 

Associate Choreographer
Tereka Tyler-Davis 

Set Designer
Camellia Koo 

Costume Designer
Judith Bowden

Associate Costume Designer
Joyce Padua 

Lighting Designer
Leigh Ann Vardy 

Sound Designer
Brian Kenny 

Audio Designer
Brandon Wells

Technical Director
Daniel Bennett 

Associate Music Supervisor
Douglas Price

Fight & Sexual Choreography
Anita Nittoly

Dialect Coach
Jane Gooderham

Dialect & Disability Consultant
Yousef Kadoura

Stage Manager
Michael Hart

Assistant Stage Manager 
Sarah Miller 

Apprentice Stage Manager (Halifax, Ottawa, London) 
Virg Iredale

Apprentice Stage Manager (Rehearsal and Toronto)
Ciaran Brenneman 

NAC Production Team

Head Carpenter 
Charles Martin   

Head Properties 
Michel Sanscartier   

Head Electrician 
Eric Tessier   

Assistant Electrician 
Martin Racette   

Head Sound 
Doug Millar   

Head Flyman
Alex Griffore 

Assistant Properties
David Reynolds 
Heidi Strober 

Assistant Sound
Jon Carter 

Head Wardrobe
Linda Dufresne 

Wardrobe Mistress
Jennifer Kennedy 

Wig Master
Norman Couvrette 

Fall On Your Knees Production

Projectionists, Wardrobe Mistresses, Masters and Attendants are members of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 471.  
The National Arts Centre is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and engages, under the terms of the Canadian Theatre Agreement, professional artists who are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.  

NAC English Theatre Team

Managing Director   
David Abel  

Artistic Director   
Nina Lee Aquino  

Community Outreach Lead   
Rose-Ingrid Benjamin  

Learning Coordinator   
Aimee Bouchard  

ASL Interpreter Consultant   
Carmelle Cachero  

Marketing Strategist   
Bar Clement  

Communications Strategist   
Sean Fitzpatrick  

Senior Producer   
Alexandra Lunney  

Senior Marketing Manager   
Bridget Mooney  

Associate Producer, Artistic Projects   
Judi Pearl  

Company Manager   
Samira Rose  

Administrative Coordinator   
Monika Seiler  

Technical Director  
Cynthia Shaw 


Vita Brevis Arts (VBA) was founded by Alisa Palmer to support the development of unusual theatre projects, aimed for larger spaces and audiences. VBA was created to support projects that are ambitious in scope, urgent in content and that have the capacity to speak to diverse audiences in a highly theatrical and sensually rich language. Inclusive and artistically excellent storytelling is at the heart of VBA's mission. In practice, VBA partners with established theatre companies and helps to realize projects that may be outside the box: to curate artist - driven development processes outside traditional development models, and which require sensitivity to culturally specific material. VBA is comprised of producers Alisa Palmer and Paul Beauchamp.  


Canadian Stage is one of the country’s leading contemporary performing arts organizations. A collision of disciplines and cultures, Canadian Stage reflects the dynamism and complexity of Canada and is a vital artistic force locally, nationally, and internationally. In its over thirty-year history, Canadian Stage has employed thousands of artists and developed and produced hundreds of new productions. Many of the plays developed by Canadian Stage have been awarded and nominated for Canada's most prestigious literary and performing arts honours, including Governor General's, Chalmers, and Dora Mavor Moore Awards. Throughout the theatre season, nearly 100,000 patrons attend performances and workshops in its three Toronto venues.


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