• Book, Music, Lyrics and Director Jonathan Christenson
  • Production Designer Bretta Gerecke

Inspired by the true stories of an international team of female agents who were members of the “Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” during World War II, Catalyst Theatre reimagines their struggle through a 21st Century lens. Drawing upon historical research, film noir, spy fiction and graphic novels, The Invisible is a genre-busting, multilingual “film noir musical”, a contemporary portrait of seven extraordinary women who risked their lives to fight a dangerous war of sabotage, propaganda and espionage.

The Invisible marks a return to the rich creative partnership of Jonathan Christenson and Bretta Gerecke, who have collaborated on more than 20 original Canadian productions.  This show builds on Catalyst’s history of visually and sonically immersive storytelling for larger stages, seamlessly blending image, sound, text and movement. 


Catalyst Theatre creates bold, distinctive and highly theatrical productions – ‘Made-In-Edmonton’ theatre that is presented across Canada and around the world. The company’s core creative team strives for the unexpected, seeking out innovative ways to tell powerful stories through the inventive and playful use of evocative music, haunting sound, poetic text, dynamic choreography and stunning and surreal design.

Creative team

  • Book, Music, Lyrics and Director Jonathan Christenson
  • Production Designer Bretta Gerecke
  • Choreographer Laura Krewski
  • Dramaturge Sarah Garton Stanley
  • Music Producer Matthew Skopyk
  • Stage Manager John Raymond
  • Assistant Stage Manager Nyssa Beairsto
  • Featuring Hailey Gillis, Kristi Hansen, Justine Westby, Melissa MacPherson, Kaitlyn Semple, Melanie Piatocha, Amanda Trapp

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund’s investment of $180,000 allowed Catalyst Theatre to add a creation intensive after the first iteration of the work, and additional time for the artistic team to further refine the score, script and production design.


Catalyst Theatre is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Edmonton Arts Council, the Edmonton Community Foundation, The Dianne & Irving Kipnes Foundation, the Cinders Family Fund, and the Universiade ’83 Foundation, and is also supported by the generosity of a diverse group of individual donors.

Developed with support from the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund and Vertigo Theatre.

Past performances

Presented by the Grand Theatre Jan 16 - Feb 3, 2024 Spriet Stage (London)