• Libretto Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard and Safia Nolin
  • Music Vincent Legault and Safia Nolin
  • Directed by Philippe Cyr

Sublimating hatred: that’s the shared ambition of singer-songwriter Safia Nolin and director Philippe Cyr. Together, they have compiled the thousands of genuine insults hurled at the singer and used them as raw material for an extraordinary musical work. What is the meaning of freedom of expression when it turns into violence?

Nolin courageously places herself at the centre of the show, in front of a large chorus that unleashes its venom on her. In a powerful celebration of artistic expression and a vibrant appeal to the collective, sisterhood and solidarity take centre stage. Confronting the punishment inflicted by the voice of the people, the music grants every permission, even to the point of reversing the antagonistic dynamic. Armed with her guitar, Safia Nolin finally reclaims the space from which she has been expelled.


Creation is the fundamental and defining axis of Prospero, which has a strong track record in writing for the stage. Working closely with practitioners and thinkers from widely diverse cultural backgrounds, the company addresses contemporary theatrical issues and the fundamental concerns facing our world, challenging convention.

Contemporary writing offers a valuable opportunity to refresh our relationship with the spoken word and storytelling by opening ourselves to the new forms they inspire. Prospero is committed to working with Quebec, Canadian and international artists to allow them to produce and present their work and develop a unique perspective on their approach and practice.

As a place open to difference and otherness, Prospero’s activities do not focus solely on production or dissemination. Prospero fosters the development of artists and raises public awareness through a program of activities designed to encourage cross-disciplinary dialogue.

Creative team

  • Libretto Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard and Safia Nolin
  • Music Vincent Legault and Safia Nolin
  • Directed by Philippe Cyr
  • Performed by Debbie Lynch-White, Safia Nolin, and a choir
  • Dramaturgical consultants Mani Soleymanlou and Anne-Marie Voisard
  • Stage design Odile Gamache
  • Lighting Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
  • Assistant director Andrée-Anne Garneau
  • Recruitment John Giffen
  • Research Ariane Thibault-Vanasse

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund’s investment of $90,000 allows the creative team significantly more time to complete the development of the work. This includes further development of the musical language and recording sessions, a lab to more fully explore staging with the choir, and a three-week technical residency with the full cast to refine the design elements and to develop strategies for concept touring.


Created by Prospero

Coproducers: l’Homme allumette, National Arts Centre French Theatre, Les Plateaux Sauvages (Paris) in association with Théâtre du Trident

Developed with support from the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund

Past performances

Presented by Festival TransAmériques May 30 - Jun 1, 2024 Théâtre Prospero (Montréal)