Resident Chef

Leah Marshall Hannon

Last updated: December 7, 2023

Leah Marshall Hannon credits her culinary career to the influence of her great grandmother, Stella Pamajewon Marshall, who raised her family on the shores of Pickerel River. With only a small isolated general store for supplies, her community foraged, hunted and depended on the abundance mother nature offered. Building on the wisdom passed down by her ancestors from Christian Island, Stella created comfort in the form of food.

The stories and meals shared within her family were on Leah’s mind as she studied in the culinary arts program at George Brown and worked at esteemed Toronto kitchens such as Delux and Midfield Wine Bar. As she honed her technical skills, her roots drew her to the familiar flavours of her childhood, and she endeavored to learn about foraging, farming, and sustainable foodways.

Located in the area of Waupoos, after the Anishnaabe word Waabooz meaning rabbit, in Prince Edward County, Stella’s Eatery is the realization of Leah’s dream of restaurant ownership: casual fine dining that provides the comfort of a good home cooked meal, like those made by our grandmothers.

Leah is known for creating dishes that present a playful combination both familiar and surprising. Dedicated to supporting her local foodways, ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably. She is constantly developing new sharing-style menus that are hyper-seasonal. She expertly layers sauces and garnishes that make vegetables the stars of a menu as well as high quality meats, lake fish, or rabbit. The thoughtfulness behind the ingredients, and the fresh flavours make visiting Stella’s Eatery a new and exciting experience every time.

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1 Elgin Resident Chefs program

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