Planet Earth needs your help!  

Join conductor Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser and youth climate activist Aliénor Rougeot on an action-packed adventure from coast to coast. Learn how the natural world has inspired works of impassioned artists, how musicians and composers have reflected on land that is changing beneath their feet, and how creative people are uniquely equipped to combat the pressing climate emergency. At each stop along the way, experience brilliant performances from renowned singer-songwriters, beatboxers, instrumental soloists, and a host of Canada’s leading orchestras.

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  • Principal Youth Conductor and Creative Partner Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser
  • host-allie-2
    Climate activist Aliénor Rougeot

The Great Canadian Orchestra Field Trip is a co-production of the NAC Orchestra, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Chamber Choir, Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, and PEI Symphony Orchestra.

Ages 9-14

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“In this series, listen to amazing music, watch tremendous performances, and experience how musicians and climate change activists are fighting to make a difference in our world. Join us!”

  • Principal Youth Conductor and Creative Partner Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser

Learning companion guides

Each episode includes an interactive learner’s companion. Available as downloadable PDF documents, classroom educators can choose either the full-colour document, optimal for computer or tablet use, or a low-toner version appropriate for print. Alternatively, work together as a class by displaying the Learner’s Companion via remote screen share or in-person projection technologies! 

Featured artists & composers

  • Singer-songwriter Kelly Bado
  • Cellist, composer Cris Derksen
  • Teaching Artist, Arts Alive Ryan Elliot Drew
  • ben-mirin-credit-katie-garrett
    Biologist, Wildlife DJ Benjamin H. Mirin
  • Flutist Benjamin Morency
  • denis-gougeon-osm
    Composer Denis Gougeon
  • montgomery-jessie-copy
    Composer Jessie Montgomery
  • mozetich-marjan
    Composer Marjan Mozetich
  • astor-piazzolla
    Composer Astor Piazzolla
  • jonathan-ring-cr-sanfranciscosymphony
    Composer, horn player Jonathan Ring
  • Composer R. Murray Schafer
  • Composer Bedřich Smetana
  • edward-top-source-spotify
    Composer Edward Top
  • vivaldi-portrait-source-wikipedia
    Composer Antonio Vivaldi

Featured interviews

  • evelyne-daigle-headshot
    Biologist, environmental educator Evelyne Daigle
  • Cellist, composer Cris Derksen
  • ben-mirin-credit-katie-garrett
    Biologist, Wildlife DJ Benjamin H. Mirin
  • Flutist Benjamin Morency
  • autumnpeltier-credit-jessicadeeks-20220103-macleans
    Indigenous Rights & Water Activist Autumn Peltier
  • Astronaut David Saint-Jacques
  • ziya-tong-web
    Science journalist, TV host Ziya Tong

Featured orchestras

  • NAC Orchestra
  • Toronto Symphony Orchestra
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • osm-logo
    Orchestre symphonique de Montréal
  • wso
    Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • pei-symphony-orchestra
    Prince Edward Island Symphony Orchestra
  • osm-logo-2
    Vancouver Chamber Choir

Creative and production team

  • Artistic Director Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser
  • Creative Producer Byron Kent Wong
  • Associate Creative Producer Kate Latimer
  • Visual Design and Production ZERO11ZERO | Iron Bay Media
  • Executive Producer Geneviève Cimon, NAC
  • Producer Ryan Elliot Drew, PEISO
  • Producer Kelly Racicot, NAC
  • Host Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser
  • Host Aliénor Rougeot
  • Marketing Lead Sibylle Berger, NAC
  • Learner’s Companion, Author Ryan Drew, PEISO
  • Learner’s Companion, Author Dawn Ellis-Mobbs, Room 217
  • Learner’s Companion, Author Kathryn Patricia Cobbler, NAC
  • Learner’s Companion, Author Yvanna Mycyk, VSO
  • Learner’s Companion, Design & Layout Pierre Rivard, TSO