Join NAC Indigenous Theatre as we light up the city in celebration of Inuit artists, art and film! We will be broadcasting a selection of short films on the Kipnes Lantern for free public viewing.

From March 16th to 20th, 2022 the festival will screen at 6 pm, 7 pm and 8 pm outside of the NAC’s Elgin Street entrance.

A panel discussion between filmmakers and a virtual tour of Inuit artists’ studios will also be available online. Looking forward to seeing you at the NAC!

* * *

Lighting Up the World with my Knowledge  
“As a student of film history, when I hear the name Kipnes Lantern I am reminded of the history of the moving image. One of the valuable steppingstones in the history of projecting and animating images was the invention of the Magic Lantern in the 17th century. It’s remarkable that while we once had light illuminating a slide, we can now have an entire facade of a building illuminating a city. I take this opportunity of lighting up a space in the capital city of Canada to share films that beautifully present their own way of storytelling and unique knowledge. From botanically developed Super 8 images, hand drawn and painted animations, and archival images, my fellow Inuk filmmakers and I bring to the city some morsels of our knowledge. We offer them up for viewers to enjoy and inspire contemplation. This program has stories and knowledge that share a wide breadth of experience and wisdom. Included are stories that have been passed down from generations ago, slices of contemporary life, criticism and contemplation of identity and fierce lineages that make us who we are.”
Asinnajaq, Curator

* * *

ᖃᐅᒪᒻᑎᑦᓯᓂᖅ ᓄᓇᕐᔪᐊᒥᑦ ᖃᐅᔨᒃᑲᓂᒃ 

ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑎᐅᓪᓗᖓ ᑕᕐᕆᔮᑦᓴᓕᐊᖑᓯᒪᔪᓂ ᓯᕗᓕᑦᑎᓐᓄᑦ, ᑐᓴᕋᐃᒐᒃᑯ ᐊᑎᖓ ᑭᑉᓂᔅ ᓛᓐᑐᓐ ᐃᖅᑲᐃᑎᑕᐅᕙᑦᑐᖓ ᐱᒋᐊᙵᕐᓂᕆᓯᒪᔭᖓᑕ ᐊᔾᔨᙳᐊᑦ ᐊᐅᓚᓕᖅᓯᒪᓂᖏᑕ. ᐃᓚᖓᑦ ᐱᒋᐊᕈᑕᐅᓯᒪᔪᖅ ᐱᒋᐊᙵᕐᓂᕆᓯᒪᔭᖏᓐᓂ ᑕᕐᕆᔮᑦᓴᐃᑦ ᐊᔾᔨᙳᐊᓕᐊᕆᓯᒪᔪᓪᓗ ᓴᓇᔭᐅᓯᒪᓂᖓ ᖃᐅᒻᒪᖅᑯᑦ Magic Lantern ᐊᕐᕌᒍᖏᑦ 1600 ᐊᑐᖅᑎᓪᓗᒋᑦ. ᐊᔪᒐᐃᑦᑑᔪᖅ ᑕᐃᑦᓱᒪᓂ ᖃᐅᒪᓄᑦ ᐊᔾᔨᙳᐊᓂᒃ ᓴᖅᑭᔮᖅᑎᒃᓯᒍᓐᓇᓚᐅᖅᑎᓪᓗᒋᑦ ᑕᓗᓕᓐᓄᑦ, ᒫᓐᓇᓕ ᖃᐅᒪᔪᓄᑦ ᓴᖅᑭᔮᖅᑎᑦᓯᒍᓐᓇᓕᖅᑐᒍᑦ ᐃᓪᓗᕐᔪᐊᑉ ᐊᑭᓐᓇᖓᓂ ᖃᐅᒪᑎᑦᓯᔪᓐᓇᖅᑐᓂᒃ ᓄᓇᓕᕐᔪᐊᕐᒥ. ᐱᕕᑦᓴᖃᖅᑎᑕᐅᓂᕋ ᖃᐅᒻᒪᖅᑎᑦᓯᒍᓐᓇᕐᓗᖓ ᐃᓚᖓᓂᒃ ᓄᓇᓕᕐᔪᐊᒥ ᐊᖏᔪᖅᑳᖃᕐᕕᒻᒥ ᑲᓇᑕᒥ ᓴᖅᑭᔮᖅᑎᑦᓯᒍᓐᓇᕐᓗᖓ ᑕᕐᕆᔮᑦᓴᓂᒃ ᐅᓂᒃᑳᕋᑦᓴᕆᔭᐅᔪᓂᒃ ᐋᔾᔨᒌᙱᑦᑐᓂᓪᓗ ᖃᐅᔨᒪᓂᐅᔪᓂᒃ. ᐱᓕᕆᐊᖑᓯᒪᑦᓯᐊᖅᑐᑦ ᐊᔾᔨᙳᐊᖁᑎᓕᐊᖑᓯᒪᔪᑦ, ᑎᑎᕋᐅᔭᖅᑕᐅᓯᒪᔪᑦ ᐊᒥᐊᙳᐊᖅᑕᐅᓯᒪᔪᐃᓪᓗ, ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐊᔾᔨᑐᖃᐃᑦ, ᐃᓅᖃᑎᒃᑲᓗ ᑕᕐᕆᔮᑦᓴᓕᐅᖅᑎᐅᓪᓗᑕ ᓇᑦᓴᖅᑯᒍᑦ ᓄᓇᓕᕐᔪᐊᒧᑦ ᐊᔾᔨᒌᙱᑦᑑᑎᓂᒃ ᖃᐅᔨᒪᓂᑦᑎᓐᓂᒃ. ᓴᖅᑭᔮᖅᑎᑉᐸᕗᑦ ᑕᑯᓐᓇᖅᑎᐅᔪᑦ ᖁᕕᐊᒋᔭᖃᖁᓪᓗᒋᑦ ᐃᓱᒪᖅᓴᖅᓯᐅᕈᑎᖃᖁᓪᓗᒋᓪᓗ. ᑖᓐᓇ ᐱᓕᕆᐊᖅ ᐅᓂᒃᑳᑦᓴᖃᐅᖅᑐᖅ ᖃᐅᔨᒪᓂᖃᐅᖅᑐᓂ ᐅᓂᒃᑳᕈᑎᖃᖅᑐᑦ ᐊᑐᖅᓯᒪᔭᕐᒥᓐᓂ ᓯᓚᑐᓂᕐᒥᓐᓂᓪᓗ. ᐃᓚᐅᖃᑕᐅᔪᑦ ᐅᓂᒃᑳᑐᖃᐃᑦ ᑕᐃᑦᓱᒪᓂᑐᖃᕐᓂᑕᐃᑦ, ᒫᓐᓇᕐᓂᑕᐅᓕᖅᑐᑦ, ᑭᓇᐅᓂᕐᒥᓪᓗ ᓈᒻᒪᒋᔭᖃᙱᑦᑐᓂᒃ ᐃᓱᒪᖅᓴᖅᓯᐅᕈᑎᖃᖅᑐᐃᓪᓗ ᑭᓇᐅᓂᕐᒥᓐᓂ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᓯᕗᓕᖃᖅᓯᒪᓂᑦᑎᓐᓂ ᓴᙱᔪᓂᒃ ᑭᓇᐅᓂᑦᑎᓐᓂ .