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Canada at jazzahead!

Marianne Trudel & John Hollenbeck at jazzahead! 2022

  Subtitles available in English French

This concert was pre-recorded at jazzahead! 2022, Canadian Showcase Night in Bremen, Germany, April 28, 2022

A piano, a drum set and a thousand ideas serve as the backdrop to the happy, highly creative encounter between pianist and composer Marianne Trudel and world-renowned drummer and composer John Hollenbeck. They are an electrifying, fascinating, enveloping duo!

Marianne Trudel & John Hollenbeck: Dédé Java Espiritu plunges the listener into an infinite panorama of colours and grooves. This concert invites beauty, intuition, dreams, mystery, trance and poetry. sonorities and joyous spontaneity going hand in hand. Fabulous!

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