Canada at jazzahead!

Gordon Grdina’s Haram at jazzahead! 2022

  Subtitles available in English French

This concert was pre-recorded at jazzahead! 2022, CANADA’s CLUBNIGHT in Bremen, Germany, April 30, 2022 

Musicians: Gordon Grdina, Emad Armoush, Francois Houle, Chris Kelly, Lina Allemano, Jesse Zubot, Josh Zubot, Kenton Loewen, Tommy Babin, Hamin Honari, Liam MacDonald

JUNO Award-winner Gordon Grdina formed Haram in 2008 as a large ensemble vehicle to interpret the classic Arabic repertoire. The group began with Iraqi folk music and the great era of Egyptian radio music during which Oum Kalthoum and Farid al-Atrash reigned, and have since expanded to incorporate the classic Sudanese and Persian repertoires. The ensemble blows these time-tested pieces wide open by, bringing together elements of noise, electronic soundscape and free improvisation. Haram is a powerhouse ensemble playing a repertoire that has been revered by millions.

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