French Theatre's Special Projects

©Caroline Robert and Vincent Morisset - Studio AATOAA

The Collective, The Residency, The Labs

At the helm of NAC French Theatre since September 2021, Mani Soleymanlou is eager to reach out to audiences, reconnect with them and get to know them better, especially after two difficult years for the performing arts community. That’s why, in addition to performances, three new projects have been developed as a way of engaging with audiences, artists and cultural workers.

“I want the NAC to be a gathering place for artists, a gateway for the community across the country. I want to put our resources to work for theatre. In that sense, projects like these are vitally important to provide opportunities for emerging artists and companies, build relationships that wouldn’t otherwise exist, and bring people together.”

  • Artistic Director, French Theatre Mani Soleymanlou