Listening to the Earth

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler © Curtis Perry

A Tribute to Rivers and Water 

The National Arts Centre (NAC) believes in the transformative power of the arts to inspire change and foster a deeper connection with our environment. 

Our vision with SPHERE is to create an innovative experience, uniting on our stages different voices and visions to embrace the critical importance of water in our life. 

Through narratives that resonate on both personal and global levels, we create a journey that underscores the rhythm of rivers. Echoing the essential nature of water in sustaining life, we share the struggles of communities facing water scarcity or the historical significance of rivers in human settlement and culture. We explore the human body as a mirror to the flow of rivers. We aim to provoke thought, inspire dialogue, foster empathy and understanding, and encourage action towards water conservation and ecological stewardship. 

“A deep well of inspiration across time and cultures, Nature’s patterns govern much of our own sense of beauty and order. SPHERE invites us to experience and celebrate the symbiotic relationship between the sounds, shapes and movements of our art and the natural world from which they have evolved.  

Through the eyes, ears and bodies of artists, SPHERE 2024 explores rivers and waterways, engaging the senses with performances, talks and visual art. It reflects also on our fragile relationship with Mother Earth and on how the confluence of art, science and ethics will inform the coming chapters in our shared history.” 

  • Music Director, NAC Orchestra Alexander Shelley

Uniting Art, Science, and Community  

Picture this: musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists, scientists, community leaders from all over the country. Weaving their talents and unique perspectives on stage, they offer a multifaceted exploration of the beauty of our planet, its challenges, and potential solutions. 

Through mesmerizing performances, thought-provoking conversations, and visual art, SPHERE invites you to embark on a sensory journey along the currents of creativity and exploration. 

We invite you to delve deeper into environmental issues, exploring how art and science can inspire change, creating unexpected connections and new avenues for engagement. 

Take Action and Be Inspired 

Whether you're an art lover, a science enthusiast, or someone who cares deeply about the future of our planet, SPHERE offers something for everyone. Be deeply inspired, educated, and take part in a community dedicated to fostering positive change. 

Join us at SPHERE, where art meets passion, and creativity knows no bounds. Experience the magic, be part of the movement, and celebrate the essence of what makes us human. 

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