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Sabrina Lemay

Last updated: February 22, 2022

Chef at Bistro l’Orygine 
Co-owner of Groupe La Tanière 

Sabrina Lemay is from Shawinigan and, from a very young age, she knew she wanted to become a chef. Thanks to her determination, she has worked in establishments like Le Saint-Amour, La Tanière, Le Baluchon and Les Sales Gosses. 

Her adventurous soul pushes her to always look further and to go backpacking whenever the opportunity arises. Her experiences abroad inspire her cooking. She returns from each adventure with her head full of new ideas and develops recipes with local Quebec products. Her respect for nature is conveyed through her organic and colourful culinary creations. For Sabrina, restaurants are more than simply places to enjoy food; they are an extraordinary site of human exchange and connection. It is in this spirit and with a thirst for new culinary adventures that she continues to create gourmet, balanced menus as the current Chef at Bistro L’Orygine. 

The cuisine at Bistro Orygine respects the same philosophy as the entirety of the Tanière Hospitality Group; to feature and showcase local products and ingredients sourced from Québec’s boreal landscape. Concurrent to this mission is the emphasis placed on the use of vegetables, and a prominent vegetarian and vegan offering, whether it be on the à la carte menu or the five-course tasting menu, which is offered in omnivorous, vegetarian and vegan interpretations every evening. This work philosophy demonstrates the inclusive and unifying spirit that Sabrina incarnates not only with her food, but with her team, her suppliers and the entirety of her entourage.

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