Rich Francis

Saskatoon · SK · Canada

Last updated: July 8, 2021

Now widely recognized as one of the finalists on Canada’s Top Chef (season 4), Rich Francis is redirecting the spotlight to issues of importance to him, namely the rights of Indigenous people to continue creating and serving food in a culturally authentic way.

Formally trained at Stratford Chefs School, he also learned much of the techniques he uses now in Moose Factory on James Bay and in Iqaluit NU, from people who still live off the land.

Now, as chef-owner of Seventh Fire Hospitality Group in Saskatoon, he creates authentically indigenous food and presents it, often as a private event out of necessity, to diners around the country. The hope is that, through sharing and enlightenment, people will see the importance of preserving the rights of Indigenous Chefs to hunt, prepare and serve food the way their ancestors did.

We’re very proud to have Chef Rich Francis work in collaboration with NAC Executive Chef Kenton Leier during his time here in September and look forward to seeing (and tasting) the results of their efforts!

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1 Elgin Resident Chefs program

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