La-toya Fagon

Last updated: November 30, 2022

La-toya Fagon is the executive chef and owner of Twist Catering

Born in Canada of Jamaican descent, she grew up cooking and eating “island foods,” and fell in love with creating these dishes at a young age. After graduating from George Brown’s Culinary Arts program, she continued to train at top restaurants and hotels throughout Toronto, Europe, and Mexico. 

Having gained years of experience, La-toya’s creativity flourished and she began to fuse her traditional Caribbean ingredients and culinary style with Mediterranean flavours. This brought a taste of something new to the familiarity of home-style, soulful goodness. After months of experimentation, determination, and hard work, La-toya tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and Twist Catering was created. 

“I love everything about food - the smells, the flavours, the tastes, the texture and colours, and mainly the raw essence with a twist.”

Chef La-toya’s drive for excellence and her knowledge of food, combined with her innovative spirit, has led to many ‘firsts’ for Twist Catering over the years. Twist was the first female black owned business hospitality partner for TIFF, and Chef La-toya was the first food expert on the Marilyn Denis Show in Toronto, and personal chef to the Toronto Raptors. 

And, as evidenced by her many television appearances, Chef La-toya’s creativity, entertaining personality, and ability to engage audiences makes her a welcome presence wherever she is.  

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