Grand Acts of Theatre

Tauvigjuaq (The Great Darkness)

Artcirq (Igloolik, NU)
  Subtitles available in English French

Artcirq performs in the streets of Igloolik, on the day that marks the departure of the sun for the next eight weeks. Traditionally, the great darkness period, Tauvigjuaq, was associated with taboos. String games (very popular in every igloo) were forbidden, and old strings had to be cut, until the return of the sun in January for a new cycle of life. Artcirq keeps this tradition alive with ten artists and a large rope representing the ten fingers and a string, until it finally gets cut. The audience watch from their windows, while the music for this act plays on Uqallagvik, the local radio station. With Tauvigjuaq, Artcirq offers a much needed and meaningful live performance while teaching and revitalizing traditional Inuit string games.

Tauvigjuak (The Great Darkness) was performed for a live audience on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 in Igloolik, NU. This live performance adheres to the health and safety guidelines of the region in which it was recorded.

- - -

Project Leader / Director: Jacky Qrunnut

Co-Director: Guillaume Ittukssarjuat Saladin

Assistant Directors: Alex Artnatsiaq, Jimmy Awa Qamukaq

Production Assistant: Florence Cardinal

Camera: Mark Jr Malliki

Editor: Carol Kunnuk

Assistant Editor: Mark Jr Malliki

NITV Executive Director: Lucy Tulugarjuk

Performers: Ashley Akittirq, Neil Akittirq, Charlotte Angugatiaq, Alex Arnatsiaq, Edith Auksaq, Maya Cook, Alexa Ivalu, Dylan Kayotak, Sebastian Jr Natar, Jimmy Qamukaq, Jane Tapatsiak, Bernadette Uttak

Music: Day and Night (Unikkaaqtuat)

Composed and performed by: Felix Boisvert, Rita Clair Mike Murphy, Joshua Qaumariaq, Christine Tootoo, Terry Uyarak

Driver: Wayne Ungalaaq

Special Thanks: Commmunity of Igloolik, Uqallagvik (radio station), National Arts Centre, Canadian North, Fonds Hamelys, Taqqut Productions, Les 7 doigts de la main

Administration: Florence Cardinal, Daisy Qamukaq