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Caroline Robert & Vincent Morisset - Studio AATOAA

Signs of the times 

14- to 18-year-olds: Come leave your mark! 

The anthropologists have spoken: the first humans did NOT live in caves. They used them to shelter from the weather and ... to make art! So, you Cro-Magnon, you, turn off your phone, come out of your cave and leave your mark on French Theatre! 

Five amazing shows to transport you to our era, on your own or with the Homo sapiens of your choice. 

Homo artisticus: These humans are on a perpetual hunt for art and invisible worlds. They pursue La mouette for its volatile beauty, and discover the mystical light of frozen waters in De glace.

Homo politicus: This group lives in tribes and is interested in all sociopolitical struggles. After seeing Rose et la machine and Le virus et la proie, it won’t be long before they discover fire! 

Homo nomadus: With their clan or individually, these humans don’t stay put. With Dérive de nuit, they’ll set sail for a new continent, which also reflects a bit of themselves! 

* Teens get a special rate of $15 per ticket through the NAC’s Under30 program, which encourages young people to attend our performances. 

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