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Life-changing Learning

Whether it’s a young artist in Ottawa looking for opportunities to develop his talent or a school filled with students in Saskatchewan whose lives are about to be transformed by their first live performance, there’s no denying the power of learning.

Your support of the National Youth and Education Trust gives Canada’s next generation of artists the chance to grow, master their art, and take their rightful place in the spotlight.  It also helps us introduce young people across Canada to the wonder of the performing arts and the incredible difference it can make throughout their lives.

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“…the musicians were excellent and captivated the students’ attention. I think we planted the seeds for the love of music in these students…again it was a very enjoyable day and thanks for the musical experience of a lifetime for these students.

Josephine Small, Vice Principal, Kisipatnahk School, Hobbema AB

National Youth and Education Trust Report 2016-2017
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