Science journalist, TV host

Ziya Tong

Last updated: December 14, 2022

Ziya Tong is a Canadian science journalist and television host who has captivated audiences with her passion for science and technology. Born and raised in Toronto, Tong studied anthropology at the University of Toronto before embarking on a career in journalism. She began her career at the CBC, where she worked as a reporter and producer, before joining the Discovery Channel and becoming the host of the popular show Daily Planet.

As the host of Daily Planet, Tong has gained a reputation for her engaging and informative reporting on the latest developments in science and technology. She has interviewed a wide range of experts and scientists, and has brought complex scientific concepts to life for a general audience. In addition to her work on Daily Planet, Tong is also a passionate advocate for science education and has written a book on the importance of understanding the natural world.

Tong’s love of science and her ability to communicate complex ideas in an accessible way have earned her many accolades, including a Gemini Award for Best Host in a News or Information Program or Series. She continues to inspire and educate audiences with her in-depth reporting and engaging on-screen presence.

Projects & initiatives

Great Canadian Orchestra Field Trip

Join orchestras, musicians, activists, and scientists from coast to coast on a musical journey. This free video-on-demand learning series explores the transformative power of music and art in the climate emergency.