Sarah Thawer

Last updated: February 17, 2022

Sarah Thawer is a drummer and recording artist based in Toronto, Canada. She started playing drums at age 2 and her first stage performance was at age 5. Sarah is currently working internationally with different artists and musicians, as well as solo and with her own band. She is also known for being a versatile musician, playing a wide range of genres from jazz and fusion to Indian/world, funk, r&b and hiphop. Sarah has performed and worked with various artists including Jacob Collier, Steve Vai, George Watsky, Sheila E., Jon Batiste, A.R. Rahman, Nicholas Payton, Nigel Hall, Myron McKinley, Sekou Bunch, Mark Lettieri, Tegan and Sara, Char (Hisato Takenaka) and Osman Mir.

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