Last updated: April 14, 2023

LÅNGBACKA/BÅDAGÅRD is the collaboration between the Swedish singers and multiinstrumentalists Maja Långbacka and Matilda Bådagård. Together they create music that they describe as “pop with a folk soul”. 

The duo has created quite a buzz in Sweden for their bold and unique blend of Swedish traditional folk music and singer/songwriter-pop. Beside their strong, well harmonized voices and traditional fiddle playing, they use live electronics, samplers and loop stations to enhance their sound. From minimalistic arrangements with only handclaps and voices or violins to big pop productions and cinematic landscapes. 

LÅNGBACKA/BÅDAGÅRD has since their debut album came out in 2018 toured intensively in Sweden, Norway and Finland and built a strong fan base. They have performed on national TV and their music has been heard in TV series, vlogs, radio shows and more. The duo produces all of their music themselves and since 2020 they have also composed and produced music for film and performing arts, expanding their collaboration to become a composing/production team.

Projects & initiatives


Global Network for Women Music Producers

Designed in consultation with partners in countries from around the world, the program will help overcome barriers in the music industry, and provide opportunities for support, discussion, networking and collaboration.