Last updated: October 17, 2022

Wrapped in the roots of the Reggae family tree, Jah’Mila makes music that is creatively crafted and deeply inspiring. She has toured with towering Reggae bands like The Wailers, Groundation, Black Uhuru among many others. Equipped with over a decade of Reggae industry experience, and also with the amazing support of her musical team, she is poised and prepared to stand in the center of every stage.

She has been carrying the torch for roots Reggae music in the Maritimes, and she channels her art into a service of advocacy for the systemically oppressed and marginalized. Her single ‘Chant Their Names’ is a cry for change in a system that has failed the black community repeatedly. The lyrics beg for police accountability and implores us to keep the memory of these victims alive by chanting their names out loud. She is passionate about matters of equity and believes that a positive future is possible through community, diversity and inclusion.

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