Executive Producer, Popular Music and Variety

Heather Gibson

Last updated: February 13, 2023

Heather Gibson is responsible for all non-orchestral music curation, and summer and community programming at the National Arts Centre (NAC). Heather and her team work with artists from all backgrounds -- from the most exciting new artists to the all-time greats -- to bring the best of the world to the NAC's stages, and the best of Canada to the world.

Since joining the NAC team in 2016, Heather has been connecting and elevating artists via innovative and inclusive programs around the globe, including: EXPO 2020 in Dubai, which showcased the breadth and diversity of Canada’s performing arts community and brought 130 artists to the UAE over six months; COP15, the United Nations' biodiversity conference in Montreal; and the Global Network for Women Music Producers, an initiative to support women and non-binary music producers that so far totals 35 members in six countries, offering an international network for producers and a resource for artists and record labels.

Heather’s commitment to the constantly evolving landscape of the arts continues by working to develop emerging performers, and deliver an equitable representation on our stages for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ2S+ artists. In a direct and immediate response to the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2020 Heather created the emergency artist relief fund #CanadaPerforms, which provided a season's worth of funding to nearly 700 performing artists and authors, non-profit festivals, and organizations. In the pandemic's first six months, #CanadaPerforms distributed almost a million dollars to arts workers across the country.

Originally from Manitoba, Heather built her career in the performing arts in Halifax, where she was a successful artist manager, co-owner of Halifax's iconic queer listening room The Company House, and producer of multiple festivals and special events, including the Halifax Jazz Festival and In the Dead of Winter Music Festival.

Projects & initiatives


Global Network for Women Music Producers

Designed in consultation with partners in countries from around the world, the program will help overcome barriers in the music industry, and provide opportunities for support, discussion, networking and collaboration.

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