Geneviève Lizotte

Last updated: November 17, 2022

For over 15 years, Geneviève’s creative output as artistic director, set designer, and stylist has been immense. She has designed more than a hundred theatrical productions and has collaborated with some of the industry’s most respected names including Robert Lepage, André Brassard, Fernand Rainville, James Hadley, Claude Poissant, Christian Lapointe, Catherine Vidal and René-Richard Cyr.

Her artistic practice extends into cinema, large-scale circus productions, and live concerts. Her work can be seen in arenas around the world from Madison Square Garden to the forests of Osaka, Japan. Geneviève’s work was featured in creations by Circle du Soleil, Moment Factory and musical concerts of Pierre Lapointe. Geneviève’s eye continues to make its mark in the live arts she has also collaborated on the cutting edge cinema of directors François Delisle and Khoa Lê.

Geneviève was a CALQ grant recipient for a studio residence in New York in 2015.

Projects & initiatives


French Theatre Residency

Two complete seasons in which to deepen an approach, a style, to sharpen one’s pen or let it soar.