Biologist, environmental educator

Evelyne Daigle

Last updated: décembre 14, 2022

Born in Québec, Evelyne Daigle is a dedicated biologist, researcher, and environmental educator. She is known for her work studying the migration patterns and behaviors of whales in the St. Lawrence River and in Hawaii, which she documented in her first book, As Long as There Are Whales.

In 2007, Daigle published her second book, The World of Penguins, which examines the southern dwelling aquatic birds and their habitat and culture. The book covers the lifestyles, diet, predation, reproduction, and location of penguins. Throughout her career, Daigle has been committed to educating others about the natural world and the importance of protecting the environment. She continues to inspire and educate with her passion for wildlife and conservation.

Projects & initiatives

Great Canadian Orchestra Field Trip

Join orchestras, musicians, activists, and scientists from coast to coast on a musical journey. This free video-on-demand learning series explores the transformative power of music and art in the climate emergency.