Chief Kwakwee Baker

Last updated: June 2, 2021

Chief Xusamda'as Tsamkwa'gatl - Kwakwee Baker is an internationally recognized Multi-Media Designer. Specializing in drawing and painting, graphic design, film production, education and performance in acting and stage. He hails from the Squamish, Musgamagw Dzawada'Nuik, Namgis, Kwaguilth Nations, and resides in Vancouver. He feels fortunate to have been brought up with the Potlatch Traditions and Ceremonies, with mentoring and apprenticeship he received from his extended families. With a unique eye for picture and design, he is continually inspired to push the boundaries, and is consistently creating new and innovative platforms to challenging what we know as contemporary North West Coast “Native” Art.​

Projects & initiatives

Indigenous Cities | The stories here.

A unique audio storytelling experience based on memories from Indigenous community members interpreted by Indigenous artists.