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Bienvenue à Insights. Une série de discussions stimulantes menées par des chefs de file du secteur des arts, de la médecine et de la technologie enregistrée en direct du Centre national des Arts du Canada. (en anglais)

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  • Dr. Jillian Horton in Conversation with Brittlestar

    English 20 novembre 2023 47:28

    Hundreds of thousands of people watch Brittlestar's videos every week. His comedic and family-friendly videos have been seen more than 600 million times on various platforms.  With fans all over the world,...

  • Dr. Jillian Horton in Conversation with Shelagh Rogers

    English 16 octobre 2023 1:01:39

    Shelagh Rogers is a veteran broadcast journalist and was a fixture on CBC Radio for over 40 years. She hosted and co-produced the 15 year run of The Next Chapter,...

  • Dr. Jillian Horton in Conversation with Kate Bowler

    English 21 juin 2023 55:49

    Kate Bowler, PhD is a three-time New York Times bestselling author, award-winning podcast host, and an Associate Professor of American Religious History at Duke University. She studies the cultural stories...

  • Dr. Jillian Horton in Conversation with Suzette Mayr

    English 30 mars 2023 1:11:51

    Suzette Mayr’s Giller-Prize winning The Sleeping Car Porter transports us to another time and place. But how does a writer “get" there? In this conversation, we’ll talk about art as...

  • Dr. Jillian Horton in Conversation with Dr. Christine Gibson

    English 16 mars 2023 53:35

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Christine Gibson turned to TikTok to help people cope with their distress. Her videos were a sensation, and she became known as the “TikTok trauma...

  • The Last Doctor - Dr. Jillian Horton in in conversation with Dr. Jean Marmoreo

    English 20 décembre 2022 51:51

    Dr. Jean Marmoreo’s new book, “The Last Doctor”, is the powerful story of her experience providing medically assisted death. This hour-long conversation will explore the psychological - and practical -...

  • Wired: Why music changes our brains, and our lives

    English 11 juillet 2022 54:20

    Popular Music & Variety presents Adriana Barton in conversation with Dr. Jillian Horton as part of our Arts, Medicine & #Life series / Musique populaire et variétés présente Adriana Barton...

  • The Price of Advocacy: sowing moral courage in medicine

    English 3 juin 2022 1:02:36

    With a background in internal medicine, hematology, and molecular biology, Dr. Nancy Olivieri has worked in thalassemia, a blood disease primarily of children of emerging countries, for over 30 years,...

  • No rhyme, no reason: Poetry as sense making in a senseless world

    English 17 mai 2022 1:00:00

    Sue Goyette lives in K'jipuktuk (Halifax). She has published a novel and eight collections of poetry, including Ocean (winner of the 2015 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award...

  • Healing Pages: Writing as Transformation

    English 26 janvier 2022 53:36

    Darrel J. McLeod is the author of Peyakow and Mamaskatch, which received the Govenor General’s Literary Award for Nonfiction. He is Cree from Treaty 8 territory in Northern Alberta. Before...

  • Just Be Human

    English 26 novembre 2021 49:08

    Anna Mehler Paperny talks to Jillian Horton about mental health care in Canada and her own observations - both as journalist and patient. Anna Mehler Paperny is a reporter and the...

  • Let’s talk…but who goes first?

    English 11 juin 2021 1:00:34

    Clara Hughes, a dual-season Olympian, is the only athlete in history to win multiple medals at both the summer and winter Olympic Games. She also knows what it’s like to...

  • Just where are you taking that history?

    English 17 mai 2021 1:11:44

    Student doctors are taught a formulaic way of “taking” patient histories and repeating their stories. Somewhere along the way, the essence of the person - and why they are seeking...

  • Beginning with the Truth with Dr. Alika Lafontaine

    English 19 avril 2021 1:10:29

    In this episode of the Arts, Medicine and #Life series Dr. Horton speaks with Dr. Alika Lafontaine about Indigenous healing and what we can all learn from it. The conversation...

  • We are All Perfectly Fine: Book Launch

    English 4 mars 2021 1:06:24

    Jillian Horton is an internist, a writer, a teacher and former Associate Dean, a meditator, a musician, and an expert on physician health. But she is also human. Like more...