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2020–2021: You had a TOTAL and exclusive romance with your sofa and your computer? Hey, that’s great! 

But now, can you feel the tide turning? It’s time to emerge from your cocoon, breathe in the air of the times, discover amazing creators, and reconnect with the land of the living! 

French Theatre is offering three delightful shows for adults and teens alike. There’s something for every personality type: 

Dramatic personalityCher Tchekhov 
Is the theatre world like a dysfunctional clan where everyone fights for their place in the spotlight? The immortal Michel Tremblay exposes the hot-button issues of his creative profession in this fierce and funny play about a family of actors who gather at a country house for a dinner party that will ... go super well? Ha ha—dream on! 

Multi-faceted personality: Un. Deux. Trois. 
A super-size show in “collective laundry” mode. Artist Mani Soleymanlou invites 40 people with diverse identities and from the four corners of French-speaking Canada to share their little “I” stories, perhaps dreaming of finding, in this jumble of real-life experiences, something like a “WE” at the end. 

Culture-hungry personality: Aalaapi | ᐋᓛᐱ  
In this performance experience blending radio documentary and theatre, our heartbeats become entwined with those of five engaging Indigenous women from the North. We watch them sewing and playing cards; but above all, we hear their language, their sublime voices and their profound silences. Inspiring echoes of the snowy faraway place that is also our home. 

Grab your tickets, countdown, lift off!

Teens enjoy a special discounted rate of $15 per ticket, thanks to the NAC's Under30 Program, which encourages young people to attend our performances. Find out more here!

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