• Written and directed by Philippe Boutin in collaboration with the team

This two-part event/performance investigates the heart of Jesus’ philosophical discourse, the influence of his moral teachings on our culture, and the spectacularization of those teachings. This tragicomic, uninhibited and surreal re-reading draws on references to mythologies both ancient and modern, and deliberately departs from conventional narrative to leave room for interpretation by the mystic in each of us.

The first part, La Genèse (“Genesis”), is a psychedelic dive into the genesis of the characters: a montage of dances choreographed by Elon Höglund coupled with theatrical images exploring the origins of this epic.

The second part, La plus belle histoire jamais contée (“The greatest story ever told”), borrows as much from the story of Jesus as from pop culture. This new cross-disciplinary creation is being developed in close collaboration with composer Pierre Labbé, who has created an original musical signature.

With the presentation of this diptych, we invite you to a theatrical feast of sport and poetry, tragedy and comedy, that recognizes a certain thirst for healing.

“For too long we have accepted the rise of a culture of superficiality, spectacularization, overproduction and widespread violence that gives rise to ‘heroes’ who use force to reign over what we call justice.
But who really dares to talk about love?”
Philippe Boutin

© The Rise of the BlingBling - Le Diptyque


Empire Panique was founded in 2018. The company’s mission is to create large-scale stage events, using a multi-faceted approach that aims to engage the general public and offer them an unforgettable and unusual experience. Its creative vision centers on blending disciplinary forms and delivering an innovative audience experience.

After presenting Détruire, nous allons (2013), a large-scale show staged on a football field, and Le Vin herbé (2016), an epic opera-theatre piece featuring nearly 70 artists in the spaces at Arsenal art contemporain Montréal, creator Philippe Boutin and his company return with the promise of a new event/performance, The Rise of the BlingBling – Le diptyque.

Creative team

  • Written and directed by Philippe Boutin in collaboration with the team
  • Assistant Director and Stage Manager Flavie Lemée
  • Dramaturgical Consultant Joséphine Rivard
  • Choreography, "La Genèse" Elon Höglund
  • Costumes Leïlah Dufour-Forget
  • Costume Assistant Juliette Dubé-Tyler
  • Lighting Leticia Hamaoui
  • Lighting Assistant Béatrice Germain
  • Set Designer, "La Genèse" Clémentine Verhaegen
  • Set Designer, "La plus belle histoire jamais contée" Angela Rassenti
  • Music, "La Genèse" Antoine Berthiaume
  • Music, "La plus belle histoire jamais contée" Pierre Labbé
  • Sound Designer, Pantomime Ilyaa Ghafouri
  • Sound Mixer Frédéric Auger
  • Production Manager Antoine Rivard-Nolin
  • Technical Director Juliette Papineau-Holdrinet
  • Outside Eye Marilise Aubry

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund’s investment of $150,000 supports the development of this epic work through a series of residencies and rehearsals at six different venues with the full cast. With hundreds of hours of additional time together, the creative team will revisit elements of La Genèse while creating and shaping new scenes for La plus belle histoire jamais contée.


Produced by Empire Panique with the support of Usine C, the National Arts Centre, the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, the Petit Théâtre du Nord in Boisbriand, Compagnie Marie Chouinard, and the Maisons de la culture Marie-Uguay, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Claude-Léveillée and Mercier.

Developed with the support of the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund.

Past performances