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Naveen Mehra

Last updated: January 19, 2023

Name : Naveen

Age : 11 years old

Listening habits: I listen to the radio in my dad's car, but do not have one in my house. I listen to podcasts in my dad's car too and listen to music basically only when I want to learn the lyrics to the song or when I just really like that song. 

Musical personality: I like to listen to pop and rap music. I like songs by Coleman Hell, the Jonas Brothers and I like (you might not know this) the Mandalorian Theme Song. A segment that I also really like is (again might not know this) Thousand dollars a minute.

Other sound characteristics: When I play games on my tablet, I don't turn on the volume because it distracts me. When I watch television shows, I generally listen with the volume on but sometimes when there are other people in the room I either turn the TV volume really low or mute it and just watch the subtitles.

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