Bojana Stefanovic

Dr. Stefanovic is a Senior Scientist, CRC Tier 1 in Functional Brain Neuroimaging and Director of Physical Sciences at Sunnybrook Research Institute, and a Professor in the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto. Dr. Stefanovic’s research focuses on the development of new methods for imaging of live brain function. Her research interests include the development and application of high field functional magnetic resonance imaging, two-photon fluorescence microscopy, and electrophysiological recordings for tracking impairments in neurons and brain vessels over the course of neurodegeneration in experimental models of Alzheimer’s Disease and ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Stefanovic is the Chair of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee in the Department of Medical Biophysics and a faculty member of the Toronto Initiative for Diversity and Excellence.