Across Turtle Island: Colouring Pages and Indigenous Languages

Syilx, Saulteaux, Anishinàbemowin (Algonquin), Cree, and Inuktitut



We are sharing colouring pages with Indigenous words from across Turtle Island featuring artwork created by Indigenous artists from the regions where these languages are spoken. Join us in colouring in these pages and share your work!

Syilx words

Artwork and translation by Kara Froese. Syilx is spoken by the Okanagan people in British Columbia.

Download colouring pages (PDF)

Every Child Matters

Artwork created by Mairi Brascoupé, Megan Kyak Monteith, Ryan Pooman and Donna Langhorne.

Download colouring pages (PDF)

Saulteaux words

Artwork created by Ryan Pooman. Translation provided by Lorena Lynn Cote. Saulteaux is spoken in the central Canada by Plains Ojibwe.

Download colouring pages (PDF)

Anishinàbemowin (Algonquin) words

Artwork created by Mairi Brascoupé. Translation from the Algonquin Picture Dictionary. Anishinabemowin is spoken in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec by the Algonquin.

Download colouring pages (PDF)

Cree words

Artwork created by Donna Langhorne. Translation provided by Solomon Ratt. Cree is spoken across Canada from Alberta to Quebec by the Cree.

Download colouring pages (PDF)

Inuktitut words

Artwork created by Megan Kyak Monteith. Translation provided by Lucy Manniapik. Inuktitut is spoken in the central and eastern Arctic regions of Canada by Inuit.

Download colouring pages (PDF)